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Concorr's Heritage Division has been involved in some amazing heritage projects which we are extremely proud of. 

These have ranged from ancient monuments to castles, from heritage listed buildings to famous bridges.


Our innovative methods of access are approved by Heritage England as non intrusive as with the 2 Norman Castles we have carried out stone by stone condition surveys at touching distance as well as carrying our 3D point cloud scanning of both to record the present condition.

We have worked across the world on heritage sites and our experience and expertise in the conservation of heritage structures means we are at the forefront of this important and exciting area of speciality. 

Services offered by this division include:- 

  • Element by Element Condition Surveys 

  • Make Safe with Element logging 

  • Cloud Point Scanning 

  • Material Identification and Matching 

  • Feasibility Studies for Stabilisation and Future use 

Our history is recorded in the buildings and structures that survive from history, sadly there are not nearly as many as there should be so it is very important that we preserve the past so that future generations can see what these amazing structures looked like. 

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