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It is with pride!!

This post has nothing to do with business promotion - it has to do with sharing immense pride.

A year ago, this week, I as head of practice and our international operations watched as our offices were filled with staff packing essentials to embark on working from home- I saw good people with serious, nervous faces going about tasks that were upsetting to them.

Who could have known what the year that followed would bring?

We watched as the death toll got to numbers we could not believe, we lost family, friends, and people we knew.

But we stayed strong, we stayed busy and focused as essential services- we kept the business running and almost unaffected. But more importantly I saw the ethos of the 'Concorr family' in action, I saw members of staff who had been working all day go on food and medicine deliveries as volunteers, saw lead technicians carry out many fundraising challenges for charities and I saw all staff simply look out for each other, check on each other, set up group checks to get everyone to say good morning and make sure mental health was looked after.

In conclusion- to those that have been with us, part of the Concorr family for 20+ years, 10+ years or those who have joined us through lockdown, I could not be more proud to know you all and we will one day when it’s safe, be having the best Concorr party ever to remember those not with us, salute those who we owe so much to and to give each other a good pat on the back for being the people you are.

As a business we have a great future and it is great that we are in it together.

Well done everyone!

My genuine admiration and thanks.

Michael Nugent

Group Managing Director

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