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Example Projects: Civils Division

Westminster Bridge Principal Inspection, London, UK 

As part of a package of surveys to all the Thames bridges as Transport For London, London Highways Alliance Consultants our bridge inspectors, roped access and dive teams combined to offer all above and below water surveys in-house. 

Battersea Power Station Inspections,  London, UK

Our teams spent a total of 4 years at Battersea and have carried out the most comprehensive surveys to every square metre of the internal, external facades as well as the four original chimneys. We have worked for all the owners from conception to completion. 

Portland Harbour, Dorset, UK

Concorr roped access and dive teams carried out condition surveys to all jetties/ ports infrastructure under a 3 year framework that Concorr was pleased to secure. 

Taweela Desalination Plant, UAE

Condition surveys to over 120 concrete structures at the largest Desalination Plant in the Middle East. Inspection, testing and reporting to all structures.